Project: Nurses, send us your videos for a Happy New Year compilation

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    We want to create a video with several short clips of nurses around the world saying "Happy New Year Nurses" to each other! We will compile this video and share it with nurses around the world on new years!

    Project: Nurses, send us your videos for a Happy New Year compilation

    Email your short videos with a short note saying where you are from to

    So, what are you waiting for? Break out your cell phones, and record a short video saying "Happy New Year Nurses from Florida!" or wherever you are from with a short message to nurses around the world! Feel free to say what kind of nurse you are.

    • Happy New Year nurses! from the frozen tundra in Green Bay, Wi!
    • Happy New Year nurses! from Africa!
    • Happy New Year nurses! from the warm beaches in Maui!
    • Happy New Year nurses! from all the nurses at HCMC!
    • Happy New Year nurses! from all the nurses at Times Square!

    Go ahead and be creative with your backgrounds; we want to see where you live or work in the background.
    Don't keep all the fun to your yourself; get several nurses in their scrubs and send a group message from work! The more the merrier!

    Share your short video (5-10 seconds) with of you and your colleagues wishing the world Happy New Year!! Use the setting of your choosing........ Go ahead and be creative!!

    Please identify your state or country (and any other information you would like included) when emailing the video to

    The video submissions will be compiled and featured on and our social media channels for millions of nurses to see on New Years January 1, 2015.

    If you don't know how to create a video and email it to us, please ask your kids or someone else to help you, or ask here. We don't want you missing out on this fun project!

    Some fun background ideas:
    • in front of your hospital sign
    • at your nursing station in your scrubs with your coworkers
    • at the beach
    • in the snow doing snow angels
    • Say Happy New Year in your native language (email us the translation in english, please)
    • Wear new years hats and fun gear
    • let your imagination go wild, have some fun with it!
    • you get the idea, be creative, give us fun variety to work with

    Watch our short trailer...

    UPDATE: Here is the video we created.

    Thanks to everyone who submitted videos!
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  3. by   Brian
    This is going to be fun, I hope we get all kinds of videos from around the world! gets traffic from almost every corner of the globe every month!

    I'd love to see messages from nurses worldwide!