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    I am an RN taking an RN to BSN STEP program. In my Professional Roles in Nursing class we have to interview coworkers or fellow RN's about Health Technology and Informatics relating to their unit. I am currently licensed but not working so if any of you out there want to help out a fellow nurse please answer my questions! Thank you in advance!!

    Activity: Answer the following questions as they relate to your clinical environment.

    1. How is the "Do Not Use" list communicated to nursing personnel within your facility (orientation, staff meetings, yearly in-service, etc.)? Describe the process for new registered nurses.

    2. What types of measures are in place which promotes verification and proper administration of medications to prevent errors (bedside verification system, bar code/COW)? Explain how the system works to ensure patient safety.

    3. Are orders that are taken verbally read back to the physician? For this portion of the assignment please review four patient charts and assess whether verbal orders were read back and verified prior to signing off. Communicate your findings in this area. Provide the date the verbal orders were received and the date the order was signed by the physician.

    4. Does the facility where you are employed use the SBARR communication system (refer to the attached SBARR document)? If so, explain how this process is communicated to new nurses. Have you witnessed nurses using this approach to communication? Have you personally been involved with SBARR communication in the clinical practice setting? Is SBARR used in nurse/nurse communication during shift change, during transfer of a patient within the clinical practice setting and between nurses and physicians?

    5. Share an experience when you have communicated with other healthcare team members. Do you believe that you communicated effectively? Identify what strategies you could implement to make communication more effective.

    6. What type of system is in place for storage of medications on the unit? What is the process of obtaining medications (Pyxis, Computer On Wheels)? Explain how medications arrive on the unit, start with the transcription of orders and include how medications arrive on the unit. Also, reveal how medications are stored and the process an RN goes through to obtain medications for patients.

    7. What role does pharmacy play in the prevention of medication errors? As a nurse leader what recommendations would you suggest for improving the process?

    8. How does the hospital ensure that patient call lights are answered in a timely matter? How are nurses located? How is the information conveyed to the nurse if someone else responds to the call light? (Nurse GPS, locator badges, etc). What recommendations for improvement would you have?

    9. What method is in place to assess a patient's fall risk? If the patient is determined to be at high risk for falls, what special precautions are taken? Are fall precautions listed on the patients chart, on the patient and in the patient's room?

    10. Does the clinical agency have a clinical information system (CIS) department or use informatics nurses? What role do these departments or individuals play in quality improvement and improving patient outcomes? Are expected patient outcomes transparent in the clinical practice setting?

    11. What types of computerized patient records are generated?

    12. How long is electronic data stored for?

    13. Is the data that is collected in regards to client care available to multiple systems at different sites? (Such as: is it available at the hospital, physician offices, etc.)

    14. How is client confidentiality maintained in computerized records? What practices do you observe being utilized to ensure confidentiality on the unit? What recommendations would you have for improving this process?

    15. What percent of nursing units in the hospital are utilizing computerized documentation?

    16. What type of training is provided to the nurses on the unit regarding computerized charting/documentation (orientation, staff development, etc.)?

    17. What is the role of informatics nurses in the development, implementation and evaluation of the computerized patient care system?

    18. Are you required to have a specialty certification in Nursing Informatics to work in the department?

    19. What are the future plans for Informatics Nursing at the facility?
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  3. by   DolceVita
    So I am going out on a limb here to say that this may not be in the spirit of what you need to do. Nor, perhaps, the letter of what you are supposed to be doing. The key being "interview". To have others just fill in the form doesn't really require any effort on your part. It feels a bit like having posted your homework on which is not encouraged.

    Call me cynical.