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  1. 0 Hi I would like to join some professional organizations (NSNA, ANA, AACN) etc.. . can u share how to join and give me the links to them if you have them. Also what is the qualifications and things i need to do as i become a member? what are the benefits in becoming a member? are you a member of such organizations, if so how long have you been a member and why did u joined?

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    You can just do an internet search with Google and you will find all the links.
    I have always been part of a professional organisation I like to keep up to date with my practice and I find a lot of useful articles as a member.
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    I belong to AACN, a critical care nurse organization. You pay the membership fee and that's it. Memberships can be 1 year, 2, or 3. The membership allows me to access up to date information, gives me free CEU's, and fulfills a requirement for clinical ladder.
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