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If you believe everything you read on allnurses, preceptors, by and large, are awful people put on earth to torment new grads. Since I genuinely believe that most preceptors honestly try to do the very best they can (however... Read More

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    Thank You Ruby!!!! I have been the preceptor and the oriented and witnessed the good and bad of both. I am even guilty of not being the best preceptor and difficult orientee in my career. What I have learned is all nurses are people and all people are different. The nurse the "catches on" the quickest or is over eager my not be the "best" nurse. Sometimes those that start slowly but keep going end up being the greatest nurses and future assets to their department, co-workers, and patients!

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    What an incredible post. I wish it was appropriate to give a copy of it to my preceptor when i get one, as a "please don't eat me, just understand that i am a rookie" plea,but I know it is not! I am currently looking for my first RN position and exposing my weak points to a seasoned nurse scares me witless because i am a perfectionist who knows that no one is perfect. I am very hard on myself and am hoping to get a preceptor who recognizes my effort and is there for me technically as well as holistically. I am very honest and know that the only way to get the most out my precepting experience is to be transparent. I want to learn to be a competent, confident nurse, without being torn down in the process. Are you available to come to CT Ruby?LOL!!! no really?
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