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Possible Job if I'm smart enough!

  1. 0 So I am a new grad LVN and I have an interview/filling out application appointment on Monday. It is the first opportunity that looks like it might actually work out. I also got another # of a company that a friend of mine gave me. This company is suppose to be just like the company I am applying for on Monday. My friend said that she put in a good word for me, but I am still very nervous. I have to take a LVN company test for both of these jobs before they even consider me for the job. I think I am so worked up because these are great opportunities and I don't want to loose my chance at a possible job as a LVN. Everywhere pretty much requires 6mo-1yr of working experience as an LVN before they will hire you so this is my chance to get the experience. My nerves are through the roof, I have felt constantly nauseated and my heart has also been racing :heartbeat for the past few days. I am going to have a conniption from all of this stress. I am studying like crazy hoping to find relief in that, but frankly it is just not helping. I just don't want to go in to the interview and have a stupid moment, you know those moments when the other person just gazes at you in disapprovement and disgust. I just need to take deep breaths, and if every thing falls to pieces then I can always keep trying. AHHH
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    if you werent smart you wouldnt have LVN after your name
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    if you werent smart you wouldnt have LVN after your name
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    Well there is so much competition out there. It kinda makes me feel sometimes like the smartest nurse gets the job. Or the nurse with the most payed experience. I find this to be frustrating mostly because I have been turned down for so many jobs already just because I am a "new grad". What do you think? Do you think that the job market might loosen up a bit in the next coming months.
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    I would say things probably won't loosen up in 6 months, but it would be nice if they would! Most of the companies I am familiar with don't compare how many questions you answered correctly to how many somebody else answered correctly. They only care if you pass it or fail it, with, for example, a cut-off point at 80%.

    If you could be a little more specific about what the job description is - I could tell you what general subject matter to study up on.
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    I am going to be applying for a registry nurse position. I also just took a ACLS class and got certified before my interview on Mon. Any help with what to expect on the test would be fabulous.
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    YAAAA I got the job, so so so excited!
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    congrats !!! wish you the best - !!
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    Thank you...best wishes to you also.