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Hi, I am a rising 4th year nursing student doing a project for a statistics class and am designing an experiment to see if there is a correlation between being a nurse and donating blood. I would... Read More

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    I've been told not to; both times I've donated blood, I've passed out afterward. I tried to donate plasma, too, and ended up sick and "out of it" for the rest of the day. After the second blood donation, I was told not to try it anymore.

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    I *attempt* several times a year. Typically, my HH is too low, but I try anyway- sometimes I get lucky! I'm taking extra iron right now to prep for a drive coming up in about two weeks.
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    I donate platelets every month along with 2 units of plasma. 133 donations and counting. (I used to donate blood but they wanted my platelets more!)
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    I used to sell my plasma for money during my college years, and now donate whole blood during drives at my employer every 4 months or so? My O neg gets me calls at least once a month from the local blood banks, too.

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