platelet rich plasma and..masturbation??

  1. couple of days ago I got called to attend a PRP small lec for the machine (centrifuge) op procedure -it went fine and so we started calling patients who has hair fall problem.
    One particular male patient (a student perhaps in Allied Health Sciences) asked me whether he can undergo the PRP treatment SAFE even if he is sex active. I got a long pause right there and don't know how to respond. I just steered the conversation to him making appointment to the doctor and ask about his queries.

    The thing is I haven't yet read anything about PRP for male-pattern baldness. I went searching BUT I haven't yet come across to any conclusive study or evidence that sex and or masturbation will be bad for male patient receiving PRP. I came to know though that MPB is something about high concentration of DHT,,and in PRP there is pure and rich concentration of DHT..

    I know I can always ask the doctor about this, but I still prefer AN to help me firsthand so then maybe I can look less stupid later for asking it to the doc...
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  3. by   Esme12
    This isn't something that AN can assist you with...I would ask the MD what their experience has been ......thread closed.