Pay It Forward

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    When you begin your career in healthcare, at some point you likely had someone you could call a mentor. If you were fortunate, you may have had more than one mentor. Whether that mentor was someone you found – or they found you – that special person helped guide you in some way as you were starting out. You may even have retained that relationship and friendship to this day.

    Pay It Forward

    Maybe now is when you step up to help someone near you at work that would genuinely benefit from a little assistance. You could be the one to lend a helping hand to someone else who is starting her healthcare career.

    Becoming a mentor or bringing justice to the things you have learned by rendering unconditional nursing service is a terrific way to Pay it Forward!

    I was employed at a Medical Center in 2005 and since then I was assigned to a Labor and Delivery Area. I was under a very intelligent preceptor who already fulfilled her American Dream. She trained me and equipped me with the necessary skills that a Labor and Delivery Nurse must know.

    The proper assessment, the proper assist as a scrub nurse until I learned almost everything there is to be learned and of course, as a sign of gratitude to her and the things she taught me, I paid it forward when I was able to train my own preceptees.

    It was a different feeling, teaching and assisting new staff who you have not seen before, it was exciting and sometimes draining but the act of paying it forward was something that makes me happy, and I did gave my best efforts.

    As a nurse, you might find it difficult to stay focused in the “NOW”, we are always seeking for the “FUTURE”, may it be looking for a chance to fulfill the dream of going abroad, the dream for a greener pasture, or the dream of making it BIG in the STATES. Maybe that is one of the many reasons why we are all burned out. But then, it would always be fun, finding JOY in our work.

    One thing I have learned from the two years I am with this institution, the demands and the gravity of the work I do lessens when I embrace the profession I am practicing.

    Finding JOY in the simple ‘Thank you’ of patients bring inspiration for me to move on and continue with my job. Finding approval with the work I do by the mere ‘okay’ by my big bosses instill in me the desire to strive even more.

    I would like to impart with you --- a letter from one of my patients who have touched my life the most, though I have patients whose baby became my godchild and patients who have given their time to visit after discharge, this one patient was the most moving and inspiring.

    They came back to the Center a day before their discharge and we actually have contact . I was taken away by the card and let me share with you its message hoping that you would also be inspired to find NEW JOY in our work as PATIENT CARE STAFF:

    Your Kindness Will Never Be Forgotten…
    At times, we get so caught up in our own lives that we forget to respond from our hearts to those who have touched our lives in their own special way. With this in mind, it’s important that you receive the recognition and gratitude you greatly deserve.

    First of all, you’re appreciated so much for what you’ve done. Secondly, it’s comforting to know that your heart was in it. Mostly, just knowing you were so thoughtful is a true gift in itself. You never stop caring or making a difference. With your generosity, you lift spirits and make smiles appear. And now it’s your turn to smile…

    Today, you’re on the receiving end of the warmest thanks imaginable. Your kindness will always be remembered.

    Just a little something for you to express our gratitude. You helped make this a delightful experience for us. When you light this candle, you can think of my child. You will always be remembered as sharing in this special day he came into this world. Thank you again.

    (names removed)
    We are always in a hurry, to give the medication, to insert IV lines, to finish the 8-hour toxic duty hours! But let us extend our actions with a little minute to share ourselves with our patients, to think they are the reason for our existence as Patient Care Staff, let us be inspired by their thank you, by letting our name linger in their hearts and minds knowing that among all the people they met from admission to discharge, our name was one of the few that they remembered. By then, we could say, that we might have done something right…we have Paid it Forward!

    By: Feah, RN
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