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This is an informational guide that I created for patients who are presently on Coumadin or expected to be on Coumadin upon discharge. It is in article form because it was a freelance article that I wrote. As we all know, it is... Read More

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    Quote from blebs
    one should avoid binge eating of high vit k content foods, but should otherwise eat them as always and have the coumadin dose adjusted for that diet. people need these nutrients and some managers have told them to avoid them altogether. best thing you can do is allow a person to eat like they normally do, never bring up the vit k thing and then it won't be so hard to stabilize them, because they won't be trying in vane to reduce their vit k intake.
    thanks for that. please, nurse, never teach my pts to stop eating green leafy veggies. i want all of my patients to eat healthy food choices and that includes a diet rich in exactly those foods you guys are telling my patients to avoid. stop! thanks. instead, please do teach them that changing their vit k rich food intake alters the inr. use a balance beam analogy, pushing vs. pulling, etc. just get them to eat the same amount all of the time and avoid huge changes. thanks.

    remember when you mom said, “eat your veggies”? she was right!

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    You are correct!

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