Patient fine.....nurse needs valium

  1. Well I am going to graduate in less than 4 months and as an outsider looking in and really beginning to feel the panic of finding a place to work that won't throw me quickly alone to commit any number of medical mistakes, I have noticed one thing in the hospital, I work as a Nurse tech as well.... Seems, in general, the patients are fine in spite of nurses, in a lot of cases but the nurses need valium...... I can't tell most days if the nurses on the floors are seasoned or new, they all are about 2 seconds from spontaneous combustion. Overworked, understaffed...... what advice have you seasoned beauties got for us kids who are walking in to your world?

    Should I make an appointment now for a prescription? (half-kidding)

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  3. by   E.R. Rookie
    Well I am a student as well and just got an internship in the E.R. I am nervous!
    Anyways I just wanted to say I think its important to have a healthy outlet, like running. I do Muai Thai kick boxing and weight lifting.
    What's up with the nurses not eating their entire shift. You don't have time to eat a protein bar? I stuff my pockets with bars and it takes me about 60 seconds to shove one down. I see how nurses treat their bodies and it makes me sad.
  4. by   Ruby Vee
    shoving a protein bar down in about 60 seconds isn't exactly a healthful habit, either.
  5. by   E.R. Rookie
    Quote from ruby vee
    shoving a protein bar down in about 60 seconds isn't exactly a healthful habit, either.
    bad sense of humor is a pretty bad habit too
  6. by   diane227
    I was fortunately not nervous when I started my first job because I had worked in that hospital as a CNA for about a year before I got my RN so it was no big deal. But that was a lot of years ago and things have CHANGED in nursing in my 31 years. Frankly I would be in a panic too. Nursing is so much more complicated now. Frankly, I don't know how new grads keep up.