Part Time EMT in Nursing School?

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    I am starting my first year of nursing school at the University of Michigan this year and was wondering what your thoughts were on working as a part time emt while in school. Is that stretching myself too thin? Also, is anyone dual licensed as an RN and Paramedic? Is it worth getting a medic license if I am working towards an RN?

    Does anyone know of any good ems companies in ann arbor/Detroit to work for?

    (i already have experience and carry an active emt cert)

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    This mainly depends on your nursing school. I worked part time (16-24 hours per week) at a residential treatment program for criminal adolescents which was stressful and demanding most of the time, and I found plenty of time for studying/homework. I would recommend keeping the job, unless it drains you of sleep/time/simple pleasures of life.
    - Andy, RN

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