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Hey everyone! I am not sure if I am here to vent or to ask for any words of wisdom. I just finished my orientation at my new job last week as a new grad. I got four orientation shifts in total (as I... Read More

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    Yep, I am in Canada. Went to school in the West and now I am working out East and things are very different!

    And I am in Radiation Oncology!
    The nice thing about being in such a specialized field is that you will see the same orders repeatedly from the same providers. Even if it looks like Chinese you'll know that particularly scribble represents Lorazepam 0.5mg PO 30 mins before treatment signed by Dr. Bob.
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    I didn't know that any hospital in the US still did paper charting. I didn't mind the paper charting, but everything now is electronic. I think there is some definite advantages to paper charting vs electronic. Paper charting is so much easier to do narrative charting which no matter what the power to be think, there will be a place for in medical documentation. Electronic charting is definitely easier for reading, but sometimes I find it hard to get the "whole picture" of the patient in an electronic chart. Hang in there. You probably won't have to do it for very long.
    Did you read any of this thread? OP isn't in the US
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    In the past I have been provided with and/or made copies of forms and documents that are frequently used. That way you can become familiar with them on breaks or when you go home etc. I consider it like research time as it makes me more proficient at my job.
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Paper Charting venting