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I had an incident happen at work today that angered and upset me... I am training to be at the desk just after change of shift at about 0745 a pt called for analgesic, I paged the nurse to that... Read More

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    just a quick update, the pt that didnt get her tylenol #3 the other day, got d/ced home today
    she came to the desk and thanked myself and my supervisor for being such good advocates of her care for her, she whispered to me that I shouldnt worry so much about "one bad apple spoiling a bunch" I of course wouldnt agree cuz despite how annoyed I am at my co worker I dont believe in insulting them or taking part in that kind of stuff, I just wished her all the best n hoped we didnt meet under these circumstances

    as for that nurse, she's cried before, sometimes she tries to use the fact that english isnt her first language as an excuse, but really I dont buy that, and its not like she doesnt understand, because she does

    and really, me????? make anyone cry!
    are you kidding! I am the biggest conflict avoider known to humankind (which brings on its own set of problems mind you but still)
    and like one of my patients told me yesterday
    "I like you so much, youre so non threatening, I mean you look like a kid in your little nursing uniform there"
    while I didnt know whether to take this as a compliment or stomp my feet and shout out loud that I am 25 years old! (25 - quarter of a century!!!!!!!! years old!) I took it as a compliment which was how it was supposed to be
    but im just so annoyed when ppl turn on the waterworks for no good reason
    no one got pissed at her, no one raised their voice, she didnt get in trouble, no incident reports etc to speak of, nothing going on outside work that she wanted to tell the boss about
    so uhhhh stop youre crying damnit!
    and I second the idea that we all get together and work, those patients would be so well taken care of! *sigh* in a perfect world maybe.....
    then again its nice that we are all stretched out all over this great world so there is hope for ppl everywhere to get decent good honest nursing care

    off topic, another one of my patients nicknamed me
    Wendles...... I'm not sure if I'm fond of this or not..... hmmmmmm

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    I hope YOU end up being MY nurse if I am ever in a situation where I am a patient where you are. Thank you in advance for the EXCELLENT, compassionate and superb caregiver you are....YOU GO GIRL!
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    don't feel bad that this gal cried. She *needed to cry*. She needed to feel the embarassment, the chagrin, the horror that comes with realizing that you've been caught systematically failing a patient. with a little luck, THAT will be sufficient to make her prioritize her patient's pain needs EVEN IF she can't comprehend the simple humanity of wanting to assuage another human's pain with as much haste as possible.

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