Pace Spring 2011 BSN

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I've been reading a lot of posts the last few days. I have been getting mixed reviews of the Pace 1 year BSN CDP and I am hoping to get some feedback from current students & applying students. I also want to know if anyone who has applied for the Spring 2011 semester has gotten their letter of acceptance yet.

    I have not heard back from Pace yet; i only recently got a letter from them asking for a transcript so i am assuming they are in the process of reviewing applications. I am getting a little nervous though because many people have been saying how disorganized and tough the program is. Every nursing program is hard, but i certainly do not want to fail out and throw all my hard work down the drain. My GPA is 3.6; verbal 510; math 580. A for API. Taking AP2 & Microbiology now and i will have it completed in December.
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  3. by   pacecdp
    I also applied for the Pace Spring CDP 2011 program. I still haven't heard any response back yet. I am sure you will do fine with hard work!! I feel like no doubt it is goin to be tough but if you don't get behind on work and studying you will do fine. I applied in June and finish sending everything in September.
    I thought the deadline was the 15th of october... so i wonder what is taking so long . Do you mind if u can tell me what major you got ur ba from?
  4. by   cgrav44
    Yeah, that was the deadline date so i would anticipate that we get a letter in the next few weeks... the sooner the better! I have a BA in psych w/a minor in biology. what is your background like? have you found it difficult to find a nursing program that suits you?
  5. by   pacecdp
    o cool the science background is definitely a plus!! I have a BA in biology, so i kinda think that is an advantage that
    i have atleast a background in science. My gpa is ok ... I have a 3.3..... gre math 580 verbal was kinda bad at a 460...

    I want to definitely get into a nursing program that is short and fast. I know I am not going to be able to work full time at all so that kind of sucks. I also applied to Dominican college.

    If I don't hear from them atleast by next week , I am going to give them a call.

    Good luck!! Hopefully we will end up meeting in January =)
  6. by   cgrav44
    it sounds like you have everything they want too! good luck with everything and yes, hopefully we will meet!
  7. by   pacecdp

    I applied to the Cdp program for spring semester 2011. I got the rejection letter back....I can reapply if i take the MAT and get in the mid 400's.... I was just wondering why do you consider this program to be awful??

    Is it do able?

    How much is the tuition?

    Is it better if I go to another Absn program?

    I hear that it disorganized.... I just am so confused right now ... I don't know if I should take that test again because there are no guarantees....

    By the way , when i called them the main reason why they didn't accept me was cause of my gre verbal score.
    If anyone who is in the program right now can help me... it will be greatly appreciated. =