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Is it ethical to omit a job from applications, or would that be dishonest / falsification? I had a short (3-4 month) job as a student at a local facility. It went poorly and I ended up quitting with no notice. This is an... Read More

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    I was at work the other day and actually heard a nursing supervisor giving a employee reference to a doctors office that called about another nurse. It happened right at the nursing station where I was stocking med carts and preparing for a med pass.
    The things she said about the nurse needing a reference was not good. Yes, she confirmed that the nurse did indeed work there and the dates of employment but also went into her attendance record, how many times she had been disciplined for tardiness, patient complaints against her, on and on and on. I am sure this nurse did not get called back for another interview. I felt so bad for her....not only getting talked about so badly to a potenetial employer, but also having it done in such a public forum. I am sure if I heard it, the visitors, doctors and patients milling around the nurses station heard it too. So much for only confirming employment dates.


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    If the job was some time ago and you've worked other places since then...don't worry about it. It was only 3-4 months of employment anyway. What matters most is the reference from your most recent job.
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    My other concern is that a former instructor, who knows about that experience, now works at one place I'm interested in working. She's got a vindictive streak, knows a lot of people, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if she were to put a bug in someone's ear to check my application and see if I included that experience
    another reason to put it on there. you really dont want a reputation as a liar. and since she works there, you know its possible it could come up. if you honestly did nothing wrong (other than leaving with no notice) you could bring it up yourself in the interview or mention it in your cover letter. might make you appear more honest to bring it up yourself.
    good luck!
    love, rose
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    How are your other work experiences? If your other work experiences are good I wouldn't worry about it. I am sure they will call more than one place to check for references.
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    My other work experiences are great. I've got apps in at 4 places right now, so I'm really hoping that one little blip on the radar of job experience won't eliminate me from the competition. I'm doing the waiting game right now. Wish me luck!
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    I feel the need to correct the misconception that it is against the law for employers to provide negative reference information. Actually, many companies have internal policies that prevent them from giving any information other than dates of employment, but this is due to the potential for lawsuits. There is no law that states employers may not give out information about former employees. As a nurse recruiter, I do a lot of referencing, and at least half of the employers I contact do give a great deal of information, both negative and positive.

    I would recommend honesty at all times on job applications. If you have only had one negative work experience, be honest about the situation that caused you to leave. I know when I'm reviewing applications, I do realize that there are some pretty bad employers out there, and people do sometimes make mistakes or have an occasional lapse in good judgement. When I get concerned is when I see a pattern of terminations, multiple derogatory remarks about past employers, or a history of blaming supervisors or co-workers for problems at every job.

    When we hire new grads, we place the most importance on the references we receive from clinical instructors. I find that we get the most accurate (both positive and negative) information from clinical instructors. If you've had a bad experience with one instructor, don't list them as a reference! Put down an instructor that will speak favorably of you!

    I hope this helps!

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