Okay, I was wrong...

  1. Okay, I was wrong. I have made some mistakes. Now, I would like to get past them and find a job for which I am suited. I want to be a good nurse, being good at what ever job I end up in.

    I am having a difficult time finding a job. At all. I am feeling that I have been black balled but, I can not prove it. I called a hospital KNOWING they needed another night shift RN. KNOWING it was posted, KNOWING it had not been filled yet. I was told, "No, we don't need anymore RNs right now."

    I would like to stay here in my little rural town. I do not want to drive. I drove three hours everyday at my last job. I was exhausted. The exhaustion was what lead to me being discharged from my last job.

    I would prefer not to go back to Med-surg. I am good at it but I intensely dislike it. I feel like I don't have time to connect and really "care" about the People (not patients) that I am taking care of. I feel a lot like I am pushing Iv meds or pills and wasting ink on endless reams of paperwork.

    I have a certificate in Diagnostic Medical ultrasound, with a specialty orientation in OB/GYN small parts, and Abdomens. I really liked Labor and Delivery. But what I enjoy even more is education. Helping People lead better healthier lives through education about everything. Diet, Exercise, disease pathology, etiology and prognosis.
    I am telemetry competent, ACLS trained and I am getting my PALS certification later this month.

    Any suggestions would be helpful. I am desperate at this point.
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  3. by   Farmer Jane
    Did you actually apply at that hospital? Simply calling does no good. You have to apply, complete with cover letter and resume.

    You say you're in a small rural town. Fact is, jobs are often limited in rural America so if you messed up at your town's only hospital I don't know what to tell you.

    It's kind of hard to give advice on getting past mistakes when we have no idea what you did, and that's probably not something you should share on a public board.