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There has been so much talk about the "supposed" nursing shortage vs. the influx of nurses (and nursing programs and nursing students) that I wanted to see what data was out there. One recent article cites a report that states... Read More

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    The jobs created 5 years from now won't help current new grads who drop out of the job market in 1-2 years because nobody will hire them.

    As others have noted, a lot of the projected job growth in nursing is not in the job fields that a lot of nurses are interested in.
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    Quote from mmm333
    Or become a medical transcriptionist or some other job that uses some of your training. Chances are you can always work in a nursing home.
    Many medical transcription jobs are being outsourced to India since it's a job that can be done remotely in another country with significantly cheaper labor costs.
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    I was a medical transcriptionist in the 90's & was already in danger of being outsourced as it currently is now.
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    IMO....nursing is like any other profession & is not the gateway to $$ like some make it seem. Nursing is hard work!! We deal with getting hit, hit on, spit on, bullied by other staff, disrespected by staff or patients, paid less than we give out & are physically yet mentally challenged all day! Just to name a few reasons of reality. Too many people get into nursing with crazy expectations of $$, security, stability, benefits, perfect working hours & getting into a perfect dept. I have been in the medical field for 18 yrs before becoming a nurse & I recommend that to anyone considering it as a profession. Before you jump in the pool, you may want to feel the water 1st. Just saying
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    Wholly!!! "In demand", "signing bonuses and other incentives"!!!!?! Click here to find your nursing program........ They just make it worse

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