Nursing role during a disaster

  1. So I have to give a presentation in which I must discuss disaster phases : Prevention, Response and Recovery (especially related to nurses) I am trying to brainstorm for a direction in which to take my presentation.

    So whats your opinion? What is the role of a nurse during a disaster?

    I think during the prevention stage education is the key. Because nurses are the most trusted profession we can educate the public on how to be prepared. Nurses are usually first responders during the Response phase....not so sure how the nurse plays a role in the recovery phase.

    Thanks guys....I could use some more suggestions. :bowingpur
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    So no one wants to discuss the role of a nurse during an unplanned natural/bio-terrorism disaster (not just a pandemic)? Bummer. I thought it would it would be interesting to talk about what the nursing role was.
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    bump...try it 1 more time.
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    Hello packerbacker.

    As far as the Recovery Stage in a natural disaster........ Many nurses, including me, played a major role in the very long recovery stage of the Katrina disaster. Thousands of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals volunteered through the Red Cross and other organizations to provide much needed medical assistance to those who experienced this monumental disaster.
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    here is a link to a case study of disaster preparedness and response for nurses. it is by the american red cross and sigma theta tau international. the purpose of this is to provide nurses with an overview of their role in responding to a weapons of mass destruction/terrorism (wmd/t) event or other disaster.

    it discusses the role of the nurse in disaster preparedness and response, lists resources that can help nurses become better prepared to respond to disasters, gives ideas for providing information to patients/clients/colleagues that will help them be better prepared for a disaster, and describes how local/state/federal agencies and organizations might respond to a disaster.