Nursing Process and Nutrition any tips on how to study for this test

  1. Hi I failed the last test I took. I have to pass this test with at least a B to still pass the class. Im really stressing this test. I don't want to fail it. So I am asking you guys for any tips that you may have to study for this test. Maybe I am studying wrong or something I don't know I just need some help.
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  3. by   RDH1
    Does your textbook have a website or a CD with some quiz/NCLEX type questions on it? I find that "fake" test/quizzes really help things stick for me. A bonus is that this is a way to gauge how much info you are really retaining. Everybody learns differently. This is what works for me. I have classmates who do flashcards, but that never really helped me. Good luck!