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nursing practice and theory

  1. 0 I'm now working with adult patients who require mechanical ventilation in ICUs. The information of best nursing practice in the prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia can be found through research studies or hospital guidelines. But, what is the relationship between nursing practice and theories? Which theory is associated with such a nursing practice in ICUs? Grand theory or midrange theory, or practice theory? How to utilize nursing theory to underpin my practice for preventing VAP? Need help, please, I am really struggled~
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    grand theories are broad and abstract and do not easily lend themselves to application or testing; they are global ideas.

    mid-range theories are moderately abstract and inclusive but are composed of concepts and propositions that are measurable.

    practice theories are used in everyday situations: outline nursing practice objectives and describe nursing care activities to be performed to meet those objectives ----- i.e. care plans!!

    these links should help you:

    nursing theory page: mid-range theorythis triad of research-theory-practice helps to close both the theory-practice ... of grand theories is to act as a source for mid-range theory development. ...

    formulating nursing theory
    the third level of nursing theory, grand theory, emphasizes a global viewpoint with a board perspective of nursing practice, and a distinct nursing ...
    mid-range is very useful in nursing research and practice. theory concepts include huth and moore’s pain management (children); barnard’s child interaction; ...

    good luck!
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    A good mid-range theory for your practice is Orlando's Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship Theory. You assess for problems that you can do something about, consult with the patient (even non-verbal evaluation is a consult in this case) then plan the care. Her writings are easy to read, and lend themselves to many situations.