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I know that nursing scope of practice changes from state to state. In general what level of education and nutritional prescription are we allowed to give. This goes for RN and APRN.... Read More

  1. by   mreshu
    Classic dame, In Florida you cannot call yourself a nutritionist with out being a registered dietician.
  2. by   mreshu
    Thank you tramarus. I will look into public health administration.
  3. by   wooh
    Perhaps you should become a pediatric diabetes educator. Can get the Type 2 kids early while they still have a fighting chance.
  4. by   KelRN215
    Quote from mreshu
    Kelrn when you say years away do you mean after i get my rn or after i get my arnp. I was speaking to someone about what i wanted to do and he said it sounded like life coaching. However i don't want to be some uneducated dude doing things out side of my scope of practice. I am torn between nursing or dietetics and lcsw.
    Well both. You need to be well-established in your profession- whatever it is- before opening a private practice becomes feasible. I do not believe that RNs are able to bill insurance companies for things like nutritional counseling and I have honestly not ever heard of an RN in private practice for such a thing. Even NPs- in my state they have "supervising physicians". The only advanced practice nurse I've experienced having a private practice/private office was a Psych CNS.
  5. by   ResearchRN
    Check out This organization certifies healthcare providers in enteral and parenteral nutrition. I worked at a hospital in Philadelphia where doctors would order a "nutrition nurse consult". The Certified Nutrition Support Nurse (CNSN) would write orders for TPN, PPN, enteral feedings, etc.