nursing goals for risk of falls

  1. I am doing an assignment where I need to make an nursing care plan. This is going great except for one of my goals - I can't seem to get a good one...

    I've been told goals need to be measureable, specific and timely

    So far, i've come up with these:

    Reduce patient's risk of falls within the next month (isn't measurable so not a good goal)

    Patient will be free from falls for X months (This is better, but how do I decide how long? We are supposed to think about what will happen to this patient after discharge too).

    Identify patient's risk factors for falling and alter the ones that are modifiable (I just don't really like this one...)

    Thanks everyone! :-D
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  3. by   Zoenzy
    When I was in class we used a book called "Nursing Diagnosis Manual". Its great. It has definitions of the nursing diagnosis you chose, risk factors for the diagnosis, actions/interventions, goals, etc.

    Anyway, here are a few of the priorities/goals for a patient at risk of falling.

    1. Goal: Implement needed interventions and safety devices.
    Rationale: To manage various conditions that could contribute
    to falling, and to promote safe environment for individual and
    Example: Situate bed to enable client to exit toward his/her
    stronger side whenever possible. Assist with transfers and
    ambulation; show client ways to move safely. Provide/instruct
    in use of mobility devices and safety devices, like grab bars
    and call lights/personal assistance systems. Encourage use of
    treaded slippers, socks and shoes, and maintain non-skid floors
    and floor mats. Clear environment of hazards like obstructing
    furniture, small items on the floor, electrical cord, throw rugs.

    I hope this helped.
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