nursing float pool

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    hi i just want to know what does nursing float pool means?
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    if you work for a float pool say at a hospital, you will be placed on whatever floor/unit has a need for you(floated around). you really don't have a home unit.
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    When nurses get moved from one unit to another, it is called floating. Many institutions have a group (pool) of nurses who don't have a particular unit that they always work on, but go where staff is needed in their institution. This is the institution's way of trying to avoid using help from outside agencies. Nurses who work in the float pool generally make more money per hour, but don't get benefits like health insurance.
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    I was in the float pool and loved it. We didn't make any more money an hour (although we did get the same differential as the other nurses/CNA's) and we did get benefits where I worked. The advantages are that you get to choose your own hours, we were only required to work 1 winter holiday and 1 summer holiday a year and we got to choose which one, and you don't get involved in the politics of the unit. The disadvantage is that I didn't know where I was going to work until an hour and a half before shift--and I sometimes shorted myself hours because I found self-scheduling to be a bit appealing . But, there was plenty of opportunity for OT for those who were interested.

    There was one unit I loved working for and was asked to stay there and that's where I'm at now, but I'd recommend the pool if you're interested.
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    Hikernurse, that is really cool. I was shocked to learn that the pool nurses where I work make $50.00/hr, but with no benefits. The ones that work in one of the Level I trauma hospitals here made more than that. Since I have my insurance through my husband, I could make a bunch of money if I liked to float.
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    Aries, I'd be willing to forego benefits for $50/hour
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    I worked in the float pool for 3 years before transferring to the PACU. I did make a little bit more money than the nurses that didn't float, and I was full time staff so I had benefits. The one perk that our float pool had was that I could change my schedule anytime I wanted as long as I gave the office 24 hour notice. I could take time off, or move shifts around, it didn't matter I just had to give that 24 hour notice. I also only worked 1 minor and 1 major holiday a year (and since I was nights the float pool considered the eve of the holiday my holiday worked). I was only required to work 16 hours worth of weekend shifts per month. So my two 12 hour Friday night shifts counted toward that. Ahhh those were the good ole days :wink2:
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    Quote from hikernurse
    Aries, I'd be willing to forego benefits for $50/hour
    That makes 2 of us...I would definitely give up some benefits for that amount of money! I worked float pool when I first graduated and believe me there were no extra incetives. Other than the fact that you were able to get exposure to a lot of different units, and different types of nursing. I think if I was making that amount of money I would have never left!
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    I've been working in the float pool for almost 4 years now.. and LOVE IT!! Yup, we make good money!! But we are also the first to be cancelled, so it usually averages out.
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    Float pool rocks! Haven't done it in years though. Back in the day, I had it made. Mon-Fri 7-3. It was great. I remember liking it during the holidays. Seems there was always a party going on where ever I was sent. It was nice not to be with the same ol' folks everyday- especially if there were a lot of politics going on.

    At my job we have float nurses. They are regular employees and make $5 more per hr, I think. I'm pretty sure they still have to do every other weekend and a couple of holidays.

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