Nurses' Day Gift

  1. What do you want for Nurses' Day 2013? A memo was sent out to titilate about the marvelous trinket we will be receiving. OOO--ahhh! I know I do not want another tee-shirt, umbrella, towel, or cheap beach chair advertising my employer. They have been nothing but a disappointment. How about respect or a "SINCERE" thank you. I am tired of being used and abused. I plan to donate whatever crap they are giving out to Goodwill or just throw it out at work if it is really cheap and useless. This past year has been a sad eye opener for me. I have been a nurse for more than 25 years and would walk away tomorrow if I could afford to do it. My dream gift would be an apology for treating me and so many others like less than inanimate objects. I am looking for a new job. I am not so much looking to run away from this place where I have wasted fifteen years of my life, as I am to regain dignity and a sense of purpose.
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  3. by   jadelpn
    Wouldn't it be nice if we received a personal thank you--ie: "oldenurselady, we appreciate your many years of service to xyz hospital.You are a role model, and an exceptional nurse. Have lunch on us" with a gift card to Olive Garden or something.......
  4. by   tktjRN
    Amen oldnurselady... I'm also sick of the company labeled cups, shirts, pens, sticky pads, bags, etc.. When I was in management, I gave my nursing staff something personable. I didn't take the funds out of the budget, I spent my own money on something nice for my dedicated, hard working staff. I appreciated what they did everyday. I have complained about this topic for years.. Last year my employer didn't even acknowledge nurses week, not even a thank you..