Nurses as Wounded Healer Dr. Marion Conti-O'Hare

  1. Hi all,

    I am interested in finding articles that utilize the theory Nurses as Wounded Healer as a base.

    I like its concepts so much that I am willing to go into the topics that the theory is most utilized in-I'm assuming in addictions nursing. I am using PubMed, etc. but am not coming up with research articles that explicitly utilize this theory as a guide. Do you all have any suggestions or are familiar with it at all?

    I'd appreciate any feedback.
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  3. by   Heogog53
    What about wounded nurses who are wounded from career related injuries? Or wounded nurses who have chronic illnesses but HAVE to work anyway. Or the enabling nurses who are trying to break free of the abusive home relationship, whether the cause is drug/alcohol stimulated abuse or emotional or physical abuse?
    Nurses do tend to be nuturing and then enabling. We take care of everyone but ourselves.
    Those are all wounded nurses, and if they are also impaired in other ways, say their own fight with drug or alcohol or obesity- they are also ones who need the studies to be done on them
  4. by   Sistermoon
    I'm not familiar with Conti-O'Hare's work, but I once attended a short seminar that spoke to this very topic. The speaker told us that the concept of the wounded healer rises from ancient Greece. People would travel miles to seek the wisdom of the Oracle of Delphi. They would have to undergo a purification process of body, mind, and spirit before their supplication. Those who were healed during their audience with the oracle would then become the guides and workers for the cleansing process for the incoming pilgrims hoping for an audience. I was in my psych rotation when I heard this, and it filled in all the gaps that my textbook learning had left wide open. It clicked right into place for me. I now work on a substance abuse co-occurring unit, and am very very happy with my choice of profession.

    And yes, I come from an alcoholic home, and consider myself codependent no more.....

    Hope this helps.
  5. by   scadams29
    Try the scholar search on Wish you well.
  6. by   wchristie
    Read her book "The nurse as the wounded healer" I am working on dissertation using her theory as my sensitizing framework for workplace violence against nurses perpetrated by patients. If anyone finds others who have used her theory, would love to hear from you....