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Can you work 3 days a week an be off 4?? Hows the pay? ? What's the average starting salary? ? Hows life if you have a family vs a nurse?? What's the average pay check?... Read More

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    Or it could possibly be a language barrier..!!
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    We need to stick to the topic of the post. even if the OP is in high school they are obviously asking questions and we can answer them.....teach and educate them as the professional we are.

    We need to be supportive of each other...let's stick to topic.....nurse work schedule...etc
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    Quote from RNsRWe
    Anyone else getting the idea that this isn't a nursing school student, but probably a primary school student? Not a 19 year old, but someone......younger?
    I'm a new student eager to learn from other people even nurses sorry for spamming.I'm just happy about nursing an want to know everything

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