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Hello Nurses :) I am a twenty year old planning on graduating with my RN/BSN next May! I have a tricky question, and I'm hoping someone can help me answering, preferably someone that takes medication for ADD/ADHD or know... Read More

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    I feel like I am reading my own post. I recently got an externship in the Emergency Department as well. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was in high school, but have just started taking medication for it a little over a year ago. Before, the fact that I couldn't pay attention never affected my grades but once I began nursing school it was a different story.

    I also had to get a pre-employment drug screen and physical. If you can prove that you are prescribed these medications it should not be a problem. I mean having ADD is not something they can fire you over. That would be discrimination which is illegal. So I would bring your bottles so they can make copies of them, and then that should be it.

    Best of luck on your externship! I am sure you are excited. I know I am!!

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    Quote from onarom
    Important side note- I recently discovered that I test better if I don't take the medicine on test days. Don't know why, but after 4 consecutive "A"s, I don't question it, I simply don't take an Adderall on that day. YMMV
    Adderall can cause you to over-analyze. Over-analyzing is good when studying. But when you are testing, you know what you know - over-analyzing does you no good.

    I've kept a 3.9 gpa by lowering my dose on testing days.
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    Staying on low dose ADHD meds works for me too. Has never been an issue in hiring/testing process.

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