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  1. 0 I'm writing a resume for my english class about my career goal as a Nurse and I need a few nurses to answer some questions to give me an idea on what to write on the resume. This is a prospective resume, which means it's made up. If you can give me a few minutes of your time I would appreciate it!

    question #1

    what classes/courses did you take in college that helped you towards your degree

    question #2

    what jobs did you do, full/part/volunteer helped you establish work experience in your nursing field?

    question #3

    what skills did you have to learn in order to become a Nurse?

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    #1 Nursing classes
    #2 Patient Care Tech
    #3 Too many to name
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    You should try googling "nurse resume" or "student nurse resume" under images. You will find lots of examples; the student and new graduate resumes are more likely to answer your questions.

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