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I am sure many of us reading this thread know what No breaks mean! I am talking about 13 hours on my feet.. barely time to empty the old bladder. Question is.. Have you heard of a Class Action... Read More

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    I take my lunch almost ever shift I work now. I also make sure the rest of the staff take theirs. If I don't take a lunch, I fill out a slip and had it directly to my AR before clocking out. I've found the more I give, the more management will take. I have to take care of myself as a mother so why would I deny myself at work? I still remember my nursing instructor telling us the importance of recharging even if it's only for 10 minutes. She was right, but I'm taking 30 mins as often as I can!

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    Putting on the flame suit, but if you are nit getting your breaks it IS YOUR FAULT. I have been nursing 25 years un icu, er, the floors and I can count the nuber of time I did not take a break. This self sacraficing idea is crazy. It is your responsibility to take gour break, not your employers.
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    Agreed. I used to think that I could complete more work when I didn't take a break and that since I was young, the lack of break was no detriment to me. I also thought that taking a break was simply impossible.

    If you just MAKE yourself take a break you will see that you are more efficient overall and that it IS possible and the world will not fall apart.

    It's hard to create a culture where you can start regularly taking breaks though because it's a nursing thing, not a management thing.. though they should help to facilitate this. Nurses need to agree with each other when they take breaks and who is covering. I've seen charge nurses go around and make sure that everyone has a buddy or a schedule. Otherwise you're just sneaking away to grab a bite and hoping to god no one calls.

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