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My husband and I are both RN's. A real irritation for my husband at present (and for me in the past when I used to work at the same hospital as him) was when there were mandatory inservices or... Read More

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    Our shifts are 4a-4p. I have a meeting at 10am. Nice!
    Our ER supervisor has been having some meetings at 0630, then my med/surg dept. meeting at 0900.
    Hey, it's all OT, right?!?

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    Our unit holds our monthly staff meetings at three times. Once in the morning for our night shifters, so they can just come to the meeting when they get off, once in the afternoon for the evening shifters so they can come to the meeting before they go on shift, and then once again in the afternoon so the day shifters can come when they get off.
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    We have mandatory education coming up. We are offered multiple times. Only one day is a day shift only, but that is unusual. We have morning , afternoon, and evening. Our staff meetings are usually a few different days at various times for day and night shifters. For night shifters at 0530, and 2100, and day shifters 1000, and 1830. So I think our management is pretty good about accomodating everyone.
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    When I worked nocs, I asked the day charge nurse to start taping the mand meetings, so we could listen to the tape on nocs. It worked out well.
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    For years I told my employer that I would not attend mandatory meetings held during dayshift (except for directly at change of shift) until such time as they held a mandatory meeting at 2 a.m. and made all the dayshift people come in for it. I also informed them that if this showed up as a negative mark on my yearly evaluation I would grieve it to the union since I had agreed to be a permanent night shift (not rotating to days). I never received any mark against me for this.
    On the lighter side - when the education director finally was able to arrange an inservice to be held at 9 p.m., she put up notices all over the hospital stating "Through the efforts of "Baglady RN" we are holding this inservice....."
    Now I'm a traveler and no longer have to worry with 99% of meetings.
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