Newspapers Response from "how to get good care in hospitals"

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    I hope that like worked. Todays Pittsburgh Post Gazett Health section had letter to the author of that article. Just one stinkin article after all your letters!!
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    Thanks for posting that update.
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    I can't remember who wrote that letter. I do remember reading the post though. What a beautiful job you did! You were able to state both sides of the story.

    I'm glad they had the guts to print the story. But, if you hadn't added your personal experience with your mother to the story, I would doubt it would have been printed.
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    I am absolutely floored by the original story! I missed it and am seething. Yes, the care in the stated cases was substandard, but some of the suggestions by the advocate ARE obnoxious. The public is obviously blind to the true situation in staffing or they would be more sympathetic to nurses and not still view us as if we are waitresses....servants to the hotel on the pillow, anyone?

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