Newly grad Bilingual RN and no job

  1. Any ideas of what I could do to increase my chances of getting hired?
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  3. by   This Jenn RN
    Just keep putting the applications in. ANd in your resume tell them you will follow up in a week,... and then call them. Do any of your friends from school have jobs yet? See if they could get you an interview. I had a hard time finding a job also but eventually was hired within 6 months. Its tough out there. Keep at it.
  4. by   jaeldanielle
    As above, put in applications at all area hospitals, then follow-up regularly ie weekly with each hospital's nurse recruiter. She is your new best friend. Meanwhile, continue taking courses ie ACLS. Do volunteer work - great way to meet people in a hospital. And keep talking to the nurse recruiter. She is your "in". We were all there, trust me.
  5. by   hiddencatRN
    What languages do you have? Have you had your resume and cover letter reviewed by your school's career center? Are you completing the online applications fully? Following up? Networking with professors and classmates? If you share details about what you are doing you might get some suggestions on things you haven't thought of.
  6. by   enfermeraRNinWI
    yes, I am networking and completing applications fully, but very little chance to f/u with the hiring managers.
  7. by   jaeldanielle
    jenn, you can follow-up with the nurse recruiter at each hospital by telephone. be persistent. drop by and introduce yourself. bring her an orchid. you want her to get to know your name. ask two or three of your teachers to write you a letter of recommendation and that can be your excuse to drop by and "add" it to your application. do this at each hospital you have applied to. the hardest part of any job is FINDING the job. this is the hard part (aside from nursing school, hah, hah!) and meanwhile, get your ACLS. take a tele course if you can afford it. and do volunteer at the hospital you dream of working at. it will be your IN. be social and talk to every single person you meet. call up your friends who found jobs and ask them if they have heard of anything. it takes diligent, hard, persistent work and many smiles to find a job as a new grad. i understand, truly. i graduated with a 4.0 and had dreams of ICU, but ended up on the floor which was the best thing ever. awesome foundation. don't get discouraged. use your time wisely. wake up and spend your days well. keep us posted, okay?!