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I am wondering how other units handle their lunch breaks. I work nights, and we have extremely flexible breaks during the work shift. Most of us don't really leave the floor, just get our food... Read More

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    The nurse needs to eat before she gets to work so that she doesn't impose on colleagues two hours into the shift. Also, as someone mentioned, she may be a smoker. Or maybe her significant other needs to talk to her (right now), or she needs to talk to significant other (right now).

    It is not fair to ask another nurse to do dressing change/wound care because it can be time-consuming and it's the nurse's responsibility to assess his/her own patient's wound, stitches, etc., and chart.
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    The only time I ever ask the nurse covering my lunch to do something is if a diabetic orders their lunch while I'm away and they need their insulin.
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    Quote from CareQueen
    Note to self: Apply for jobs in California upon graduation! Lol :-D
    I seriously don't think I could handle being a nurse in many other places.

    There is a reason, I guess, why it's so hard to find a job in California.

    I wish for all my nursing brethren and sistern success in their political and labor arenas toward attaining what's been attained by nurses in California. We should not be the exception, we should be the rule.
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    she sounds pretty bold if she's willing to say "you're mean" right to your face. that kind of confrontation should be saved for really bad bullying-type behaviors, not when you patiently explain that you're too busy to take on extra work.
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    Michigangirl ~ I'm still working on my B.S.N., but it is interesting to see/hear what is/is not expected of me once I find work. Btw, I am also from Michigan, but I live in Texas now. Hoping to move back once I finish up with my program. Would love to work up there and be closer to family. :-)
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    I believe in break nurses and an allotted 30 minute break where you get to leave the unit and actually take a f'n lunch break. It really ****** me off when I work at hospitals that don't have a break nurse (I'm a traveler). I don't believe in covering for your neighbor's patients and taking on double the amount of responsibility because the hospital is too cheap to hire a relief nurse.
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    How long have she been in your unit? Maybe she still needs more time to adjust!