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New Graduate RN unable to find 1st nursing position > 3 months post graduation

  1. 0 allnurses is dedicated to promoting the nursing profession, especially career mobility from pre-nursing to cna, lpn and rn initial roles and career advancement msn-dnp/phd.

    in 2011, the average rn age = 50 with retirement expected in next 15 yrs.(1) proliferation of new nursing programs has occurred due to concerns over aging nursing workforce and pending shortage that will ensue by 2025. an increase of 100,000 new rn's graduated in 2010 over 2000 numbers. (2)

    employment of registered nurses
    in 2008, an estimated 2,596,399 rns were employed in nursing, representing 84.8 percent of licensed rns. this was the highest rate of nursing employment since the national sample survey rn (nssrn) commenced in 1977. there also has been the first increase in full-time employment since 1996, rising from 58.4 percent of rns in 2004 to 63.2 percent in 2008. among nurses under 50 years old, 90 percent or more are employed in nursing positions; this percentage drops to less than half of rns over age 65. (3)
    due to the contracted tight economy, spouses/partners layoffs - experienced rn's are now ft instead pt employment, hospital and facilities have belt tightened all positions, especially cutting new grad positions in lieu of experienced staff due to current market availability. (4)

    [font=poppllaudatio-regular][font=poppllaudatio-regular]nsna 2010 new grad rn survey found that 54% graduates had obtained entry level positions 3 months post graduation, 46% did not. (5)
    [font=poppllaudatio-regular][font=poppllaudatio-regular][font=poppllaudatio-regular][font=poppllaudatio-regular]by program type, the data revealed that 59% of the baccalaureate graduates, 51% of the associate [font=poppllaudatio-regular]degree graduates, 43% of accelerated bsn graduates, and 51% of the diploma graduates were employed as [font=poppllaudatio-regular]registered nurse.

    [font=poppllaudatio-regular][font=poppllaudatio-regular][font=poppllaudatio-regular][font=poppllaudatio-regular][font=poppllaudatio-regular][font=poppllaudatio-regular]when the question “are you currently employed as an rn?” was broken down by region of the united states, the “yes” responses ranged from 41% to 64%:
    [font=poppllaudatio-regular]west (41%, n=762)
    [font=poppllaudatio-regular]northeast (50%, n=823)
    [font=poppllaudatio-regular]central (60%,n=605), and
    [font=poppllaudatio-regular]south (64%, n=1,051).
    [font=poppllaudatio-regular]in california, 34% of new graduates reported that they were employed as rns (n=447).

    [font=poppllaudatio-regular][font=poppllaudatio-regular]allnurses desires to document state of new graduate rn unemployment (see separate thread for lpn's). this will help pre nursing students gage employment opportunities in their area of the country and help an members consider moving to areas with new grad opportunities.

    [font=poppllaudatio-regular][font=poppllaudatio-regular]please feel free to comment below on your experiences with 2011 job market.[font=poppllaudatio-regular]

    the registered nurse population: findings from the 2008 national sample survey of registered nurses (1, 3)

    nsna/nln: realities of the current job market (4)
    [color=#0080da][font=poppllaudatio-medium][color=#0080da][font=poppllaudatio-medium][color=#0080da][font=poppllaudatio-medium]nsna dean notes 9/2009: entry level positions for new graduates:[color=#0080da][font=poppllaudatio-medium][color=#0080da][font=poppllaudatio-medium][color=#0080da][font=poppllaudatio-medium]real-time dilemma requires real-time solutions
    [color=#0080da][font=poppllaudatio-medium][color=#0080da][font=poppllaudatio-medium][color=#0080da][font=poppllaudatio-medium]nsna dean notes 9/2010: [font=poppllaudatio-medium][color=#0080da][font=poppllaudatio-medium][color=#0080da][font=poppllaudatio-medium][color=#0080da]invest now to keep the pipeline primed (5) [color=#0080da][font=poppllaudatio-medium][color=#0080da][font=poppllaudatio-medium][color=#0080da][font=poppllaudatio-medium]

    ncsbn spring 2010: what happened to the nursing shortage?
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