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New grads in Kansas City area....

  1. 0 I am enrolled in a accelerated program just outside the KC area and will graduate in December of 2013. Does anyone have any advice about getting a job after graduation, when/where to start looking, etc...Should I be doing something now to get ahead of the game so to speak? I have a lot of student loans I have to start preparing to pay off once I graduate.

    I don't know how the job market for nurses is really in KC (we just moved here a little over a year ago) so I am a bit nervous about finding a job but I know I have to find one quick so any tips/advice would be appreciated.

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    I'll be graduating may 2014 with my BSN and I'm interested in the answer as well. I have a friend who graduated may 2012 and found two jobs pretty quickly. She has her ADN.

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