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  1. hello all;my name is nesrine, i just graduated nursing school with an associate degree from new york city college of technology, and waiting to take my nclex-rn on march, 19th 2012. i also have a bachelor's degree in clinical psychology from my home country, i speak arabic, french and english.
    i'm reaching to you to seek your advice on which states/cities hire new graduate nurses with only an associate degree given the fact that most (if not all) healthcare facilities in nyc do not hire new graduate nurses especially with an associate degree.

    and also would like to know how hard it is to transfer a ny rn license to another state (eg. il, mi, nc,...), or to canada because i'm willing to travel anywhere to find a job.

    looking forward to hearing from you.
    thanks in advance!
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    Most states will hire two year RNs, but pretty much ALL states have a very tight job market right now regardless of what kind of degree you have. A classmate of mine had offers in Florida, Alaska and North Dakota. I have no idea how to get an RN license in Canada, but I believe it is a required four year degree there - someone correct me if I am wrong? As to transferring your license to another state, that varies state by state. You can visit the BON websites for those you are most interested in and should be able to find that info.
  4. by   VanessaRn89
    Yea to work in Canada you actually have to apply for citizenship and everything. I was considering moving there, but too much hassle. I am not sure about other states, but here in PA. Many hospital are moving to BSN so its very hard to get a job right now especially due to the tight economy. I am looking for a job myself and so far no luck. I know of a classmate that moved to Nevada said jobs were easier to find. Will ask him. Just keep trying and start working towards your BSN.
  5. by   Good Morning, Gil
    Since you will be taking your NCLEX in NYC, I would try getting a job there first since you already live there and won't have to worry about moving costs. (unless you really want to move in which case, you can do that lol) (just a note: I wouldn't reveal all of my personal info on a website). I'm guessing you have friends or family there, as well? I would take your NCLEX, study,and then worry about a job (unless hospitals hire graduate nurses prior to taking the test, then I would apply, apply, apply). I applied to many jobs prior to taking NCLEX (I knew I would pass it since I studied and was prepared, and wanted to get the ball rolling, but nobody really even batted an eye at me until I had my license, but that's b/c you can't work as a GN here, and I was a new grad in a new area than where I had attended school). Still wanted to try, though, and doesn't hurt to get your name out there).

    Just need to market yourself well. You have a previous college degree, can speak multiple languages...put that on your resume along with any other jobs you have held, volunteer things, accomplishments, etc. Make sure your resume is perfect with no typos, etc. Write a cover letter. Attach these things to your application when you apply online, and if you can't attach it, mail it. Call to follow up. It's going to take persistence to get a job. I noticed that once I had my license, I started getting a few calls. Note that I said a few lol. Those few turned into a job, so it really only takes one interview . Just get that interview! And make sure you interview well, be prepared, show up 15 mins early, dress in a suit, let your personality show, etc, etc.