Need to talk to Mobile PICC nurses!!!

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    Looking at starting a Mobile outpatient PICC business, I know and understand the demands, I would just like to speak to someone about the details. i.e. billing, what kind of services you might offer, what environment you're limited to practice in, (nursing homes, LTACS, Home placement etc,) who you used for malpractice insurance.

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    Just off the top of my head ... if you're talking about PICC insertion I'm not so sure the "mobile" part is practical as the patient needs a CXR after insertion.
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    Actually with the new tech from BARD it no longer requires a chest xray for placement in 80% of patients. Only exceptions in is pacemakers or afib. Not to mention LTACs and Nursing Homes often have mobile chest xray companies do Portable Chests instead of sending them to the hospital.
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