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  1. So, I am considering applying for the HRSA Nursing Scholarship Program but read that individuals in bridge programs are not eligible to apply. I am in an RN to MSN program at the University of South Alabama (USA) and, at the moment, am completing my bridge work (I did not have a Bachelor's degree in nursing but a Bachelor's and Master's in psychology).

    Starting in Fall 2012 (when the scholarship officially begins), I will technically be in the MSN program having completed all my bridge coursework. My question is, will I still be considered to be in a bridge program in the Fall? I asked a couple of my professors at USA but neither was sure of the answer. I need to decide how to proceed as the deadline is May 8th. I plan on emailing HRSA and asking them as well but I'm worried they might not get back to me before the deadline. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   KelRN215
    Your bridge work is presumably RN-BSN courses, no? As far as I can tell, that wouldn't disqualify you, as the website says "Students enrolled in Licensed Practice Nurse programs, self-paced study programs (on-line), and bridge / dual degree programs that are not RN-to-BSN programs are not eligible for a scholarship award."

    Either way, I'd just apply for the scholarship. If you're not eligible, they'll disregard your application.