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I am doing my pre-reqs for nursing in a ASN program at a county college. I have done research on rn, pa, and cls. I am in school full time with a 4.0 gpa and I work as a certified clinical medical assistant. Therefore, i don't... Read More

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    I told you before, become a scientist. At least you have a chance to use your brains. Don't have to fear having some one that has the brains of a small turnip telling what to do. Don't have to end up with back problems when you reach my age. In my life I have cared for some scienists from Princeton. I think you would fit right in with your drive and intelligence. But for your wanting to help, I don't know. the Lakota have a way to find out their life path.
    They go on a vision quest. They get away from things and people for a while. They fast and pray. I'm not saying go to South Dakota find a whole and craw into it. Just get away-alone and think. Don't worry to much with time and age. When your path is revealed to you then you can act. At 64, I'm suppose to be thinking of which nursing home I'm going into. But I'm stating on my first book, continue to horse ride every day, nurse and I play a pretty go game of Chess. The right thing will come. It's what you really want to do, not what anyone else wants you to do. If you don't like my advice, Oh well I am from a different time and space. Good luck what ever path you go.

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