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  1. I need a little help, i worked as a CNT about 15 years ago and love working in the hospial (Trauma ICU a the time and was laid off) and have tried to go back to school several several times since then, i currently work as an accounting clerk on salary making 22+ in the nashville area.

    I was in car accient about 3 years ago and i have bulging disc(L5) from it now. I have to go back to school to get a degree now because at my work they are outsourcing everyone and i am afraid i might be on the list.

    i want to do nursing but i am concerned that my back may interfer(it hurts if i sit to long or stand to long but not on a regular basic) the doctor said i could strenght the lower back muscle and can be without any pain, which i am working on and it has improved alot. My family is like me can not help on one hand they say stay with accounting because i know it but that if i realy want to do nursing then do it.

    i just need alittle outside help with this.

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  3. by   Michifura
    Nursing puts a toll not only on your back, your whole body, and on body parts you didn't even know you had :chuckle. I would reconsider going into nursing, especially if you already have back problems, you may just worsen your existing injury. Best of luck.
  4. by   montinurse
    I have a herniated disk C4 and I manage it with massage and stretching. Your doctor was right in strengthening those muscles around the area. That's what I do about mine. I rarely have pain, but I constantly need to work on "maintaining" to stay pain free.
    There are alot of other things to consider, like what type of job you have. I think nursing has MANY different areas, office, hospital, etc. Some jobs more physically demanding than others. The funny thing is, filing and commuting were horrible for my neck. I'll take 30 + patients on a skilled unit of LTC over office nursing any day!
    HTH and good luck with what you decide.