Need advice on available jobs for a single mom new grad.. please help :)

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am currently an LVN transitioning to get my RN and will be graduating in May this year.. I have a 4 year old little girl and her father has to travel for work in other states.. my mom passed away, my dad lives out of the country, and I have no other close family nearby. I am trying to figure out what kind of options I may have for work.. So far I can't find anyone willing to be her nanny for any cheaper than pretty much half of what I would be making.. I have been looking into daycares but none are open early enough or late enough for 12 hour shifts. I really want to work in a hospital setting, are there any jobs out there that aren't 12 hour shifts? I had a nurse today suggest I try and get an internship for the OR since they have shorter daytime hours but don't usually hire with no experience.. has anyone heard of hospitals hiring new grads to the OR, or at least giving an internship? I am looking for something preferably anywhere from 7am-6pm.. Thanks
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    At least one of my classmates got an internship in OR. It is six months more classtime and then an additional six months training in the OR with night/weekend call rotations for the duration of the position.
  4. by   Good Morning, Gil
    A girl in my nursing school started in the OR, but I believe she does nights/days/weekends, too. There are places that hire for 8 hour shifts, but it just depends on the hospital. Some hospitals are strictly 12' can find that out just by searching the jobs available at the hospitals in your area.

    Most jobs available for new nurses are nights, though. The hours that you want are pretty rare, especially for new nurses. Most new nurses do not start out on days, but maybe you'll luck out and be able to find a day shift position. You can try doc offices, as well, but those pay less than hospital jobs.

    Best of luck!