NCLEX iPhone apps for free?

  1. Anyone know of any good good iPhone apps that are good for NCLEX Q&A review. Most of the good ones I know of (Saunders, Mosby, ATI) you have to purchase. But I am looking for something for free. Anyone know of any? Or know where I can some free versions? Just looking to put some on my iPhone so I can review on the go, instead of having to carry those huge Q&A books.
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  3. by   rockabye
    I looked up NCLEX on my iphone and the only app that came up for free was NCLEX RN Quiz Cards Lite.
  4. by   JustinAllen
    For $20.00 get the ATI RN Mentor app. The new updated version gives you both clinical and NCLEX questions. I don't go more than 2 days in a row without at least doing 25 questions.
  5. by   CAT-CNA
    There's one on there called Nurse notes NCLEX, it's 2.99. I was skimming over it and it has med. term, med. abbreviations, drug info, conversions, dosages, body systems, and questions. I think it's a good app because I am in Med. Term and A & P 2 now and with the med term and body systems on there i don't have to lug around my heavy books (like if I am riding in the car to the inlaws or the store) I can just look at the app and read up on what I want to read up on.

    editing to say that I looked at it more and there is ALOT of info on the app, well worth 2.99!!
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