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  1. as i wish all of you happy national nurses week, i would like to inform you that my staff and myself aren't the only ones enjoying our week, below you'll find a link from advance for nurses on line, that informs you the events that are occurring throughout the states for nurses week with pictures and videos etc. having said that, our nurses week began 04/06/12 with the nurse of the year ceremony, which elizabeth mandel oncology rn was the recipient, which in her own words said " i'm thrilled for the honor, but mostly for the parking spot for a whole yr. and the one day spa indulgent plus the dinner for two voucher". in addition, on 04/07/12 the 20 ipads were raffled and 12 lpn's won, followed by 8 rn's. on 04/08/12 the ceremony for nurse of the month took place and the recipient was ruben rodriguez lpn at cardio-clinic he also received a one month parking space, and the 40" emerson lcd t.v. along with the a blue ray component. moreover, the local scrub uniform store has giving out more than 29 full-sets of white scrubs to a very pleasing crowd. following this further, on florence nightingale's birthday we will celebrate by coming to work in our traditional "white uniforms" and a lucky winner for the most original will win the $100.00 gift certificate to a mayor clothing dept. and let's not forget that the all-inclusive caribbean vacation for two is still for grabs, as we continue our celebration. at this level, we have also included the following games throughout the week, where nurses can obtain their ceu's by playing games like "nurse wheel of fortune", "rn/lpn jeopardy", "nurse password", and "nurse price is right". needless to say, so far it has been a total success which has out shined the hospital's week celebration . lastly, i would like to thank all of the rn's & lpn's that came together and made it a reality that nurses are the true spirit of caring"...wishing all of you a great and blessed nurses i send hugs from across the miles... aloha~

    p.s. below you'll find the link promised.
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