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Hello, I was wondering how other LTC facility deal with Narc Sign On/ Sign off Sheets? Recently our Adm came up with a Sheet for Narcs where we count the number of items that are in the lock box,... Read More

  1. by   SunnyAndrsn
    Ours is similar to what you are describing. First we do the actual pill count, matching up to the page number in the log book. Then we count the actual cards/bottles.

    The line in the sign off book looks something like this:

    Date Shift Departing Nurse Oncoming shift Total number Additions Subtractions Discrepencies

    9/15/09 AM/PM Nancy Nurse, RN Lucy Nurse LPM 22 +2 (p. 118,119) 0 0

    Subtractions typically are because it's the end of the card, so we'll add which pages were subtracted for verificication. Or it can be because they were destroyed by Pharmacy was in house and destroyed some of the narcs d/t discharge, d/c'd meds, or death of the resident.

    Quote from bdbrdb
    Ugh, I hit the tab button and posted my thread before I was done...So I made a table and typed the following in the rows...I wish I knew how to post a link to the table, would be a lot easier to see.

    Shift Nurse Sign On Nurse Sign Off #Items on Hand #Items Removed Reason Removed End Count

    Do you think this sheet would work? Reason they are counting the # of items in the lock box is because narcs came up missing. So I guess they are trying to figure out a way to keep better track of narcs.
  2. by   nursenow
    The interesting thing is those sheets we count with and sign as we give meds are for in house use/audit by state... The pharmacy know what you have recieved and when you are supposed to get more, even if you tell them you need more they dont go by our count they go by their count.