NACES...has anyone worked for them NACES...has anyone worked for them | allnurses

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NACES...has anyone worked for them

  1. 0 Thinking about becoming a nurse aide test evaluator for this company. Has anyone had any experience with the company?
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    About 3 years ago I applied for a CNA evaluator position with them per diem. When I looked at the BON test dates for CNAs, the clinical evaluations primarily fell on Saturdays and I was working every other Saturday at that time so I decided it was not a good fit for that period of time. If I remember the pay was fair and they did pay mileage for test sites over 50 miles from your residence. The recruiter was very nice and professional. If I remember, the closest evaluation site was 60 miles from my home and the test sites change from week to week; so unless you live close to a test site, there is considerable travel involved. Are they recruiting in your area? What are they offering?