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12/03/12 1934: Beverly puts her call light on to get help going to the bathroom. "My God!" is her response to the toilet seat's temperature on her bare bottom. Bathrooms are never warm enough in hospitals. 12/04/12 0102:... Read More

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    I wonder if we ever forget our first code...I know that mine is still fresh in my mind, four years later. Sweet old guy in a SNF, very loving family, who was on dialysis. I had talked to him many times in the dining room, but this was the first time he my patient. I changed his hand bandages (he had fallen a few days prior), and he kissed my hand in thanks. When I returned from dinner about 20 minutes later, he was dead in the gerichair at the nurses station, but nobody had yet realized it. We tried CPR, to no avail, and EMS called it. I am still grateful that we had a chance to talk before he died - he expressed no complaints, denied pain, normal vital signs; he just closed his eyes and died. We should all pass so easily. The MD said that she kept meaning to discuss his code status with his family, but hadn't had the opportunity; she wasn't surprised by his death.
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    I remember my first code quite vividly... Actually, all the codes I've worked have been ingrained in my memory. It's as if the situations are etched in my memory. I don't know if I'll ever forget those situations...

    Also - where I worked as a med/surg nurse - we took care of a lot of DNR/DNI patients that may or may not have been comfort care only. Even knowing all about the patients, and even if they are at peace with their prognosis, it's still difficult to have a patient die during a shift at work.
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    A wonderful, sad, read! Thank you for sharing...

    I hope that I don't have to die in a hospital, and God willing pass away while reading a "good-book" like my great-grandmother did in 1971...

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