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    Quote from Altra

    Already opened items (barrier creams, etc.) and a couple of dressing change items -- I would always offer these at discharge.

    But the items in the drawers do not "belong" to the patient -- they were stocked there for staff use for caring for the current occupant of that bed.

    Not OK.

    Sorry if my question seemed repetitive. The opened barrier cream was pretty much a no-brainer.. but yeah, I was a little shocked they were loading up on other things. It was my first discharge and I was kind of on my own and not sure of the protocol. The nurse I was working w/ that day just kind of shrugged when I asked her after the fact. Thanks!

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    apparently, so the story is told, we once had one of those nifty fetal heart rate ultrasound thingys in our ED. wellllll... a dad let his kiddo play with it one day without the nurses knowing. they walked out with it! so we no longer have that toy. we have a video camera in our supply room to try to catch would be theives (both patients and docs and nurses from other units....). I, personally, thought the commercial was funny. but knowing it smells of the honest truth? i've sent pt's home with the one time items, with 2 days of dressing changes, but that's really it. I've put my foot down on other requests for things. we hardly keep any supplies in common areas due to this.
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    I wouldn't want to take a thing home from the hospital that had been at the bedside....

    oooh, the germs!!!
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    We all pay for them eventually. The music was catchy
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    WHY? That is all I have to say.

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