MRSA Colonization in Healthcare workers and patients - page 4

Four percent of healthcare workers MRSA-positive reveals results of a study of MRSA prevalence in healthcare workers. Very few studies have been done regarding this subject. Every nurse I spoke... Read More

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    P.S. The average length of time for colonization is six months. Yes, your file will be marked for life, but it doesn't mean a darn thing, because other people who haven't ever been tested might unknowingly have it & acquire an infection post op or spread it to their hospital roommates. Hopefully the day will come in ALL states that everyone is tested pre-op, but so far this isn't the case...
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    So...if everyone went on the decolonization regime consisting of the Rifampin course, wouldn't MRSA become resistant to Rifampin? This I don't understand.

    An ENT I saw recently, who's fearful of contracting MRSA (understandably), swabs his nostrils with Mupirocin on a regular basis. Don't do it! MRSA has been known to develop resistance against Mupirocin, too--in Australia, if I remember correctly.

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