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Hi there, Myself and my roommate are both nurses in Canada. Recently, we heard about Nursing in North Carolina... it sounds fantastic! We're both quite nervous though. Just wondering if there are... Read More

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    Quote from pumpmyvolume
    What's it like working for a private institution vs. a public healthcare system?
    I recently moved from Florida to Alberta. The big difference I've noticed is that every patient I care for here in Alberta is treated equally. And of course here in Alberta I'm in a union, make better money and have health insurance.

    As for other a lot of research before thinking about relocating. You may find that the cost of your health insurance premiums and out of pocket is greater than what you're paying in monthly taxes in Canada. I also find it really odd that a hospital would spend the money on recruiting in Canada rather than in the US.
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    Another way to verify is to go to the hospital's web page and check if they do have job opportunities in the career section. Or better yet, call the nursing recruiter from the said hospital or health system. I have worked with Canadian nurses back when I lived in Detroit and a few of them worked as a traveler in NC hospitals (UNC, Duke) and loved the experience. But that was back when there were so much jobs in nursing everywhere.
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    [quote=mazy;5693919] I have to say, that sounds really strange. The employment market for nurses in this country is in the toilet. There are thousands upon thousands of nurses in this country who are desperately looking for work, it doesn't make sense to me that a facility would be recruiting from Canada. Is it a Canadian company? quote]

    It seems the recruiters are from Pitt County Memorial hospital and they will be recruiting in various US and Canadan cities in the upcoming months.

    Most of the recruitment incentives sound plausible, with exception of the 2 to 1 patient staffing ratio, did they give that promise in writing?
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    Yes, it does sound too good to be true. 1:2 ratio and big sign-on bonus. And yet they have to recruit from Canada. Something doesn't seem right. Did they even talk to you about how you will gain eligibility to work in the US and how to get a North Carolina nursing license? Also, nurses in many states do not have union representation. I found that a real eye-opener when I moved down here.

    Please check carefully into everything. But yes, if they sell you a bill of goods you can always go home.

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