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You had two simple requests of me, a drink of water, and to go home. I had started out my shift on high note, caring for my two favorite cardiac patients, working with some of my favorite co-workers. It was going to be a good... Read More

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    i read your story, and cryed like a baby. then i had my husband read it, out loud...and he almost made it through the whole story, untill he broke down as well. your story will stay in my mind as i go through nursing school. i want to make sure i don't lose the kindness you showed, or the feelings. your story really touched me. thank you so very much.:heartbeat
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    such a touching story from a wonderful caring Peds nurse. Just shows how easy it is to get attached and how quickly the lines blur.
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    what a great sorry..I was crying while I was reading it...really felt your heart there kessadawn...
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    To the author of this article this is so touching it broke my heart..that is one reason why sometimes i try not to be attach to my patient as much as possible, because I dont want to be affected when they die..cause I easily cry thats my weakness I dont want to do CPR and ended up sobbing..I have to be strong for my patient even if it means setting a boundary. But I admire your courage.. and I am proud of you!! your a good model to all nurses out there specially the new ones.
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    Thank you so much for sharing your heart and story. I am also in PICU and your words brought forth the faces of kids I have cared for. It's daunting, near impossible, to care for them and hope you won't get attached, but especially hope that you won't have to be sad for that attachment. At the very least, while they can break your heart, I'm always grateful for the ability to feel such emotion. I hope I never lose that as I gain more experience and meet more children and their families.
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    I know this post is old but it definitely touched my heart. I was looking for an article on how to prepare for nursing school and I stumbled upon this one. The title made me curious. I decided recently to go back to school and become a NICU nurse. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl however due to complications died after 97 days. She spent all her life in the NICU but she was loved and well taken care of there. Although I know I probably wont make it in PICU, this story definitely makes me want to be a NICU nurse badly.
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    I grieve with you. NICU may not be your ultimate destination but it could be a starting place, It could be a place of healing and forgiveness, a place where you may be able to give to others. I applaud your contemplation. nanacarol
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    As I read the posts from those of you who are new in nursing I am so encouraged that you have "heart" that you have not bought into the lie that a nurse should not feel, should not bond with his or her patients. I am a seasoned nurse, having more than 20 years in the profession, I still cry with my patients,m I know whenit is appropriate and when it is not. I always feeling the loss of the human connectedness. I have been told that I cry when I sense hopelessness, desperateness, the lostness of a human spirit. I am not embarassed, I don't feel that my boundaries are blurred, I merely feel that I am connected to another soul, I feel that I am a real NURSE, I have not loss sight of my vision of caring and being. I celebrate each of you and pray that life will not hurt you to the point of causing you to forget that you are one of us. Bless you, nanacarol
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    oh wow. as I sit here with tears rolling down my cheeks, I am so thankful that there are such amazing nurses out there doing incredible, compassionate work. thank you for this amazing post.
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    It is a very emotional job, if you have a heart. I say this because alot of hospice nurses should not be working in this field. I understand exactly how you feel , but if we don't feel there is a problem.
    How can any nurse do the job they do without having a heart. This is why I went into nursing, you have to feel !!!
    And yes it is a sad and wonderful to be able to assist one with this part of life. Either end of life , trauma or any kind of illness. When one feels out of control we as nurses should be there to help them feel secure and safe.
    I have been an LPN for 13 years and the past year in hospice. I did sit here and tear up, because we are human. And if in the end we can assist a family to understand "there is nothing that can be done" , " how can we stop the inevitable". I will try to explain in every way to help loved ones understand . To try and ease the pain.
    A beautiful written story and yes this angel is with you forever. <3

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